My impressions about electric car-sharing in Europe

I use car-sharing pretty often in Moscow, and at the end of last year I decided to give up my car in favor of car-sharing. During the New year holidays I traveled in Europe and during the trip I was familiarizing with the local car-sharing.
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Mix.Rent is a rent-a-vehicle in one place, a web platform and mobile applications to rent different vehicles in different locations across the world.
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A start-up called Spin, that deals with bike rental, decided to take up electric scooters

Major cities and metropolises are well-known for their dense traffic. A traffic jam can make you lose several minutes to several hours. And it should seem necessary just to drive a few kilometers. Spin launches a project to rent electric scooters.
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Sharing economy for people with disabilities

Sharing is a new economy that should take into account interests of all population groups. It is very important for everyone to feel comfortable in the new environment. P2P companies of the new economy offer services for all categories of citizens, including people with disabilities.
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The future has come

Sharing economy, or as it is also called peer-to-peer economy, is getting massively popular in many areas of our life. A few years ago sharing economy was only transport and housing, now P2P process involves a lot more things.
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