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Earn on renting your own car in Mix.Rent!



- The car is not in use
- The car is in the parking lot, while the owner is away
- The owner has been revoked his driver's license
- The car is not for sale
- The owner wants to earn in the rental business
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Specify the model and brand of the car and check real examples of our owners to know how much money your car will bring
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Example, Toyota Camry Vehicle: average rental income 1000$
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Examples - Mix.Rent:
This car was searched 220 times, there is not in base yet, but you can add him and take oreders for rent
Recommended cost from 1500 $

Why rent a car in Mix.Rent?

Should I share my rental profit?

Do I need to give my car to the company?

How does it work?

Our safety tips

How to de-risk your lease:

Vehicle Insurance

Extended Third-Party Only Vehicle Insurance (TPOVI) and Voluntary Third Party Liability (VTPL).

Car Rental Contract

By signing the Car Rental Contract with a renter, you protect yourself against any risks.

Rent for experienced drivers

Our owners rent their cars only to those who have at least 3 years experience at the wheel. Business class vehicles are rented out to more experienced drivers.

Checking renters

Easy to verify a driver's license online. We can check our database and let you know the results.

GPS trackers in cars

This option is for restless owners. By installing a tracker you will know everything about your vehicle. Trackers are currently available in sale in every city and at a reasonable price.


Take and keep a security amount for 5-7 days to be able to pay possible penalties for the renter. Besides, the pledge motivates the renter to be more mindful of the car.
Join now! Your car can make profit! ADD LISTING
If you do not want to be personally engaged in renting your car, you can contact us, and we will look for clients for your car, do insurance and pass your vehicle maintenance. In such a case, your car will be taken away by us for temporary use under the contract.
Your profit will be 60% of each rent.
Got interested? Write to us what kind of car you have, and we will do everything ourselves.
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