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What if I want to cancel my order and get a refund?

Can I cancel my order?

Check if the seller has dispatched the order on time, if yes - no refund. If no, you are entitled to cancel your order for a full refund. To do this get in contact with our Customer Experience team on email info@mix.rent

We determine 'on time' as being within the timeframe the seller has set out on their listing or within the standard 5-10 day delivery time as set out here if no delivery times are outlined on the listing.

Can I cancel my order because I just don't want the item anymore?

We have a 24 hour cooling off period to change your mind and cancel if you want. This doesn't apply if the item has already been despatched. Once despatched (even if they do it within an hour of your order) you cannot refund and/or cancel your order.

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